Little Buck Hat

Where I come from, hunting is very common. I made these little buck hats for a couple future hunters. They were so much fun to make!

Little Buck Hats

Iowa State

I am one of the few, the proud, an Iowa State fan. It seems like I’m swimming in a sea of hawk fans no matter where I go. I was asked to do a hat for a young lady that goes to Iowa State and was just tickled. I took my time brainstorming and finally tackled the idea I had today. I think its going to be great. What do you think?

Cyclone Inspired Hat

Here is the finished face!

Ballet Flats

I had a request a while back to make a pair of ballet flats. She knew exactly what she wanted and even sent me a pattern (found here). I followed the instructions to a T yet was not completley satisfied with the results. Even with these feelings, they were a huge hit on Hook, Line, and Sinker. I recieved a few more orders for them and finally got to one of them today. I did some more looking online and found a pattern at A Girl and Her Yarn Boutique. With a little bit of revision and some modeling help from my daughter, I finally have a finished product I am happy with! Here it is:


Football hat (free pattern included)

Today I am working on a football hat order and I’m so excited about fall I am going to share my pattern with you! This hat is for a 2 year old so I am making sure it is about 19 inches around and 7 inches long. I am also using an I hook and I love this yarn from Hobby Lobby.

First I chain 4, then slip stitch to.make a circle.

Chain2 (which does not count as a stitch here or throughout). Hdc 8 then slip stitch to your chain 2.

Chain2. 2 Hdc in each stitch around (16 stitches so far). Slip stitch to your chain 2.
Chain 2. 2 hdc, 1 hdc around. ( So you are increasing every other stitch to make 24 stitches) Slip stitch to your chain 2.

Chain 2. 2 hdc in first stitch, 1 hdc in next 2 stitches. (32 stitches). Slip stitch to chain 2.

Chain 2. 2 hdc in first stitch, 1 hdc in next 3 stitches around (40 stitches). Slip stitch to chain 2.

Now I want to change to my white yarn. Chain 2. Hdc in 9 stitches. 2 hdc in next stitch. Repeat around. (55 stitches). Slip stitch to chain 2. Phew, we are done increasing. Switch back to your brown yarn. This is what you should have so far:


Now chain 2 and hdc around. Slip stitch to your chain 2. (55 stitches) Repeat for 8 rows, then switch back to white.

Chain 2, Hdc around and slip stitch to chain 2. Switch back to brown.


Chain 2, hdc in each st around. Slip stitch to chain 2.
Repeat once.

Chain 1. Sc in each stitch around. Slip stitch to chain 1. Finish off and weave in your ends.


Now you are going to use a long string of white yarn and sew your football stitches on. Weave in the.loose ends and you are done!


Please do not claim or sell this pattern as your own. Please link back to this post.

The assembly of an owl

The owl is my most popular hat. T got the basics of the hat from here. I have modified the eyes, ears, and beak as you’ll be able to tell. First I make the hat:


Its a simple beanie with earflaps. This particular hat is for my babysitter’s teenage daughter. She wanted hot pink and grey. Next I added the eyes:


Looks kinda funny…. then comes the beak and ears.


Now that’s better. Finally, I add tassels to the ears and earflaps braids.


Ready to go!!! I hope she likes it 🙂